Get 5X more Rebate $$ to Decommission old HVAC Equipment and Upgrade to NEW!
Published on: September 27, 2018

ConEdison has an “Extended Life” Program (ELP) to Decommission legacy HVAC Systems.

Customers may receive approximately 5 times more money than the standard incentive offer. 

ConEdison designed the Program to entice building Owners to decommission old equipment, and install NEW equipment.  The intention is to make it financially easier for building Owners to install new AC systems and decommission older inn efficient ones.

Daikin VRV

Replace your 20 year old AC unit with a premium efficiency VRV system.  You may qualify for $850/ton in cash incentives.

The ELP Program helps Owners Let go of older systems and make way for new and modern energy efficient ones.

We just helped the New York Design Center secure a cash incentive for an AC Upgrade.  The current piece of equipment was a 20 year old 10 ton Skymark packaged air conditioning system.  The Owner maintained the incumbent AC unit that worked fine, however very inefficient, when compared to modern systems.

ConEdison had a prescriptive standard incentive offer to replace the incumbent AC unit with a modern efficient one.  The standard offer was $190/ton or only $1,900.  The standard offer is hardly appetizing.  The condensing unit of a new energy efficient VRV system for example, was around $10,000.  This cost is for equipment only.  This cost would not include installation services.


Program Type Cash Incentive
Prescriptive $1,900
Extended Life $8,500

Using LCA to maximize your incentive



Our engineers began exploring the ConEd Extended Life Program.  This program requires “a lot” more paperwork and due diligence than the standard incentive program.  However we were able to secure $8,500 for the same project!  An $8,500 incentive was enough to almost cover the cost of the entire condenser section!  The incentive ConEd offered was enough to get the Owner to upgrade the AC unit to a 25% more efficient Daikin VRV System.

If you have 20 year old equipment (see list below) give us a call at 212.579.4236 to see if you qualify!  Or click on the button below to learn more and enter your contact info.


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Here are some systems that may qualify


ConEd Extended Life Program - HVAC

Heating , Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Air Conditioner (Rooftop Unit, PTAC)
Heat Pump (Air Source, Water Source, PTHP)
Chiller (Air and Water Cooled)
Cooling Tower
Combination Boiler & Water Heater
Condensing Gas-Fired Unit Heater for Space Heating
Boiler (Hot Water, Steel Water Tube)
Furnace (Gas-Fired)
Unit Heater (Gas-Fired)
Infrared Gas Space Heater


ConEd Extended Life Program - Domestic Hot Water

Domestic Hot Water Systems

Domestic Hot Water Tank Blanket
Indirect Water Heater
Storage Tank Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater
Heat Pump Water Heater – Air Source (HPWH)

ConEd Extended Life Progam - Air Compressors

Compressed Air

Air Compressors
Engineered Air Nozzles
Refrigerated Air Dryers
No Air Loss Water Drains


ConEdison Incentive Programs

LC Associates has secured millions of dollars for our Customers through NYSERDA and ConEdison to help offset the cost of HVAC Systems.  The process to apply for the cash incentives can be found in our article “Secrets of ConEdison’s Incentive Programs Revealed | LC Associates – Energy Services“.  LC Associates is also a NYISO and ConEdison demand-response provider. LC Associates is one of the only Firms that can provide an end-to-end DR and ADR incentive solution.  If you would like us to secure cash incentives for your building automation project, please give us a call at 212.579.4236.  You could also  email us at

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