Learn How Coned Instant Rebate Programs buys down LED Lamps by 40%
Published on: October 15, 2018

Our lighting company, Green Apple Lighting USA is one of the distributors that administers the ConEd Instant Rebate Program.

There is a fundamental difference between the Custom lighting program, the Prescriptive lighting program, and the Instant Rebate program.

Instant Rebate Program

ConEdison Instant Rebate Program
ConEdison’s Rebate is Applied at the Time of Sale – No Waiting

This is a relatively new incentive program that ConEdison offers for a targeted list of zip codes and addresses.  The Instant Rebate Program is prescriptive in nature, but does not require pre-inspections or post-inspections or applications to fill out.  Rather than having the customer wait,  Green Apple Lighting USA  pays out the incentive to the end-user at the time of purchase in the form of a discount. Currently this program applies to screw-in LED’s and LED Tubes.  In order to qualify for this program, Customer addresses are cross-referenced in a database. If qualified, customers are given a discount code.  To see if your building qualifies, enter your address below and click submit.  One of Green Apple’s customer support reps will verify if you qualify and give you a link to purchase the discounted LED lighting products.

Interesting Image
This ConEdison program only applies to designated addresses and zip codes.  Plug in your information and hit submit.  If you are qualified we will send you notification and help you get your discount!

Prescriptive Lighting Program

prescriptive lighting

Under the Prescriptive Lighting Program, customers may qualify for cash incentives to offset the cost of energy efficient lighting equipment to replace older standard efficient equipment.  Projects are typically a one-for-one replacement.  The incentives are based upon a set amount of funds for a specific type of fixture.  Generally a pre-inspection and post-inspection may be required.  These programs typically require an application to be filled out and and submitted for review and approval.

Custom Lighting Program

Energy Consultants

Larger lighting projects that may include a redesign of lighting layouts, a one-for-many replacement or that integrates controls, typically fall under a Custom Lighting Program.    The incentives for these types of projects are generally based upon base-case and post-case energy saving projections by an energy consultant.  These programs typically require pre- and post- site inspections. Custom programs require more involved applications that include energy projections, equipment cut sheets and in some cases measurement and verification.

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