AEP Ohio recognizes LC Associates
Published on: June 21, 2019

It is always a great honor to receive recognition for noble causes.  LC Associates had a dedicated team of young vibrant and passionate staff working on this project.  Our Team contributed relentlessly to the sustainability goals of this Client.  Our Client launched a PR campaign touting these energy efficiency results.  They boasted that the world admired them as a model corporate citizen.

In the end, this Fortune 20 “Global” Client became a corporate bully.  They started infighting among themselves and then stopped paying our bills.  Consequently our vibrant and upcoming staff members lost their motivation and jobs while the Client benefited from their work without paying for it.

Nevertheless, our leadership, and the dedication of our employees both current and former have not been forgotten.  We are humbled by this recognition and thank AEP Ohio for recognizing our hard work.

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