ConEdison offers Cash for Steam Savings!
Published on: December 13, 2021

LC Associates has file several applications for efficiency projects that yield electric energy savings as a result of steam controls on over-heated buildings. In the past, ConEdison would not provide cash incentives for steam savings. Our Company has been lobbying ConEdison to offer some incentive for steam savings. This hard work paid off and the long awaited request for rebates and incentives for steam savings is here! While this is great news, there is a small catch here.

All ConEd Steam Customers will benefit from this program. One phenomena observed during the pandemic of 2020, was that NYC office buildings consumed virtually the same amount of energy even when vacant. The reason, landlords had to keep the space temperatures at 72 degF regardless of occupancy or they would be in breach of their leases.

Fun Fact

What we also learned is that many of the ConEd Steam buildings overheated during the winter. The buildings overheated so much that supplemental AC units were cycling on during the winter. In some cases, we found that buildings were consuming more electricity during the winter than the summer. This excess electricity resulted from air conditioning use in the winter to offset the excess steam heat. Ironically, we learned that NYC buildings were designed to be overheated during the Spanish Flu pandemic to combat that virus.

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Green Apple Lighting USA has all sorts of energy efficiency products and testing equipment. This USB temperature logger comes in handy when you want to measure space temperature. Simply leave it in a space for a day or two or a week. Plug it into your USB port and download the data for viewing, easy peasy!

Interstingly this elecric energy savings opportunity benefits the Tenants over the landlord pre-Local Law 97. The landlords would basically sub-meter the tenants and charge them for the electric energy consumption. This scenario leaves the efficiency up to the tenants. Afterall, the lease limits the landlord’s ability as to how much they can push the Tenants for energy efficiency.

By 2024, Local Law 97 comes into effect and NYC will start penalizing buildings for energy innefficiency. We conducted a lot of Local Law 97 deep dive energy studies in the past 18 months. We found that Landlords of ConEd Steam buildings have a unique opportunity to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Steam efficiency projects do not necessarily impact the Tenants per se. Steam efficiency projects may result in electric energy savings by the coincident reduction of winter-time air conditioning use.

Here is a breakdown of the ConEdison Incentive Program

Building Automation System Upgrades

ConEd Steam
Building Automation System

$0.45 per kWh
$80 per Mlbs of Con Edison Steam7
$7 per therm

Some limitations apply – reach out to us to see if your project qualifies.

Building Automation Systems such as modulating steam controls valves, eonomizer systems, outside air damper controls, etc., may qualify for funding.

Case Study – Building Automation System

ConEd Steam

For this customer we conducted a deep dive Local Law 97 Energy study. Before implementing a BAS solution, we recommend that all retro-comissioning measures be implemented, this means all steam traps repaired and all exposed steam surfaces be insulated.

We projected the electric energy savings for this customer to be 564,000 kWh as a result of saving 5,000 mlbs of steam through a BAS solution. The total cash incentive this building may qualify for is $253,000 for the elecric portion and $400,000 for a total of $653,000!

Building Envelope Upgrades

ConEd Steam
Building Facade

We are constantly asked by our Customers if there is any money available for windows. The short answer was, “not really”. However at $0.68/kWh and $120/mlbs of steam savings, the new ConEdison cash incentive program has enough horsepower to fund energy efficient windows, wall and roof insulation.

LC Associates

Our Firm has generated MILLIONS of dollars for our Clients to offset energy costs. We have well over 30 years of experience in the energy efficiency market. LC Associatesis the go-to Company when Clients need deep energy savings and cash incentives to offset costs. If you have a ConEd Steam Building, do not hesitate to contact us. Let us see how to deal with your Local Law 97 Compliance. We can be reached at 212.579.4236.

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