Broker Affiliate Registration
Published on: December 2, 2018
Energy Brokers make an average of $65,000 per year!

Congratulations! Energy Brokering is an exciting busines!

Congratulations on taking your first step to becoming an energy broker!

We have been providing energy brokering services to Clients for over 15 years.  Rather than sitting back and waiting for competition to chip away at our business, we have invested heavily into technology.  Our technology that is encompassed in our Energy-Prices website allows us to automate manual business processes.  Manual processes take up a broker’s time, patience and money and delays sales.  After a year of development and testing, finally we are able to provide those tools to independent energy brokers like yourself.

Our Energy-Prices portal is the world’s most sophisticated point-of-sale, contract sourcing tool! With Energy-Prices you’ll have up-to-date prices and an automated sales process to help you track the status of contracts in real time.

Above all, Energy Brokers will save time and money using our website – and generate business in their sleep!  Energy Brokers simply enter a Customer’s info and the Broker’s Affiliate ID into the web site.  Our technology then generates a pricing proposal instantly!  If your customer wants to engage, simply take a photo of their electric bill.  Energy-Prices will then send a docusign generated contract to them via email where they can digitally sign!  If you haven’t visited our blog post on wthe process, click here! and our blog page will be opened up in a separate tab.

Did we mention closing sales in your sleep?

We did!  Registered Energy Brokers will have access to our creative ads, or make their own.  Simply place the ads on your own website, other websites or your social media pages. Because the internet is a 24-hour marketplace, customers can click on your adverts whenever they wish.  Customers that click your adverts will be directed to  Finally, if they purchase an energy contract, the referring energy broker gets their commission.

Once your customer signs an energy contract, we will register it with the supplier.  Most noteworty, each time the Customer pays their electric bill, the broker receives their commission.



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