Pandemic Proofing Your Office Space
Published on: May 11, 2020

The Corona Virus has turned our lives upside down. For the last month or so our office has been bombarded with inquiries for indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions. Building Owners and Tenants want to indeed “Pandemic Proof” their tenant spaces. Our core business is to secure cash incentives and rebates for energy efficiency projects. It seems our Customers are equation energy efficiency with IAQ, and rightly so.

How does IAQ and Energy Efficiency overlap?

On one hand, IAQ technologies by themselves are not energy efficiency solutions. On the other hand, IAQ technologies are catalysts to energy efficiency measures which lower operating costs and improve productivity in the workplace. To this end, our company may be able to help secure financial incentives to offset the cost of pandemic proofing your office space as part of an energy efficiency measure.

Pandemic proof your office space with UV-C technology
Pandemic proof your office space with UV-C technology

“The entire ultraviolet (UV) spectrum can kill or inactivate microorganisms. UV-C energy (in the wavelengths from 200 to 280 nm) provides the most germicidal effect. Above all 265 nm being the optimum wavelength” See ASHRAE Publication

UV radiation does not penetrate deeply into human tissue. In contrast however it can penetrate surface areas such as the skin and eyes. Furthermore care must be taken to shield the eyes from direct UV radiation.

ASHRAE cites that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has approved UVGI as an adjunct to filtration. In fact, the CDC has published a guideline on its application (CDC 2005,2009).

Bi-Polar ionization is a promising technology. In fact, if integrated with HVAC systems, may reduce energy costs and increase indoor air quality.

Pandemic proof your office space with bi-polar ionization.
Illustration of ion generation into an HVAC System

Bi-Polar ionization has been of particular interest in the last month because of the corona virus pandemic. This technology works by generating charged parties that are sent into the conditioned space.

Pandemic proof your office space with bi-polar ionization.

These charged particles will then react with volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), viruses, bacteria an germs. Gravity then removes the matter from the air stream.

Removing CO2 in addition to pathogens and VOC’s may enable a building to materially reduce air conditioning and heating loads. Studies have shown that Active Filters can remove CO2 from the air stream in addition to VOC’s and pathogens

Pandemic proof your office space with active filters.

On one hand, outside air can contribute up to 40% of cooling loads and even more on heating loads. On the other hand, commercial air conditioning systems are typically designed with 20% outside air. Studies conducted by various labs show that a reduction of 50% to 70% outside air as a result of using this technology is attainable.

Pandemic proof your office space with active filters.

Active Filters use an apparatus that generates a high voltage on one side, and a high frequency charge on the other. The result is an excitation field. As a result this field accelerates particles to high velocities. This excitation effect causes the particles to coagulate. Finally the particles are captured by the air handling unit’s filters.

For the purpose of cleaning conditioned air, PCO’s are installed in existing HVAC ductwork. Ambient air passes through the ultraviolet light/ titanium dioxide chambers. Accordingly the ambient air circulates through these chambers the microbes and VOC’s are “attacked” by free hydroxy radicals and super-oxide ions. The ions destroy both the intracellular mass and DNA/HNA chromosomes. Eventually result is harmless water molecules, carbon dioxide and debris.

Pandemic proof your office space with PCO purifiers.
PCO Purifier
Pandemic proof your office space with PCO purifiers.
PCO Purifier

Photocatalytic Oxidation air cleaners (PCO’s) combine UVC irradiation with a substance like titanium dioxide (TiO2). The result is a reaction that changes malignant contaminants. As a result, the contaminants revert to into water, carbon dioxide and debris.

For small spaces needing up to 15,000 CFM, we have been installing an all-in-one product. This device uses UV, photocatalysis and ionization technology.

Even more, this device is easy to install and bayonets into the duct work and draws only 17 Watts.

Pandemic proof your office space.

The idea is that pathogens can be disabled or removed inside of the air conditioning unit before it enters the space. The air system then sends the ionized plasma directly into to the space to deal with airborne particles.

Pandemic Proof your office space.NYSERDA will pay 100% of the cost of an energy study for your office space.
NY State funded energy analysis
New York State Commercial Tenants may qualify for a free energy study.

Your commercial office space may qualify for an energy study paid for by NYSERDA. Under this program, our firm will evaluate multiple energy measures. These measures would likewise reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality and lower greenhouse gases.

Pandemic Proof your office spaceConEdison, PG&E, MassSaves, EverSource all have energy rebate and incentive programs.  We have generated over $150M in cash incentives for our clients.
Utility Incentives
Your IAQ solution may qualify for utility rebates and incentives.

If your indoor air quality project saves energy, then there is a good chance we can secure a financial rebate or incentive to offset the cost. Depending on your location and application, we may be able to offset up to 70% of your project cost.

Pandemic Proof your office space.We can provide turnkey solutions nationwide.
Turnkey Solutions
We can provide turnkey solutions.

Don’t have an in-house staff to deal with your project? Not to worry, we can provide turnkey solutions. Most notably we can secure cash incentives, source equipment and installation.

Finally, ask us about our on-electric or on-gas bill financing program.

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What is ASHRAE’s Position on Covid-19 and Pandemic Proofing?

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through the air is sufficiently likely that airborne exposure to the virus should be controlled. Changes to building operations, including the operation of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems, can reduce airborne exposures.

Ventilation and filtration provided by heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems can reduce the airborne concentration of SARS-CoV-2 and thus the risk of transmission through the air. Unconditioned spaces can cause thermal stress to people that may be directly life threatening and that may also lower resistance to infection. In general, disabling of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems is not a recommended measure to reduce the transmission of the virus.

ASHRAE Postion Statement
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