New Local Law 97 Space Emissions Allowances
Published on: July 1, 2024

Just when you thought you had Local Law 97 under wraps, the DOB "enhanced" the reporting requirements.

What was a simple analysis using Local Law 84 Data and your Building Gross Area - is now an indepth building science experience.


Under the new regulations, buildings must categorize their spaces into Energy Star “Property Types.” Each tenant space within a building needs to be measured and classified, such as a general office, financial office, medical office, gym, retail space, and so on.

Each property type is assigned its own designated greenhouse gas (GHG) limit, as detailed in the tables below. These property type-specific GHG limits are then combined in a weighted average to generate a custom GHG limit tailored to your building. This approach ensures that each building’s unique characteristics and usage patterns are accurately accounted for, promoting more effective and sustainable energy management strategies.

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Summary of 1 RCNY §103-14 - Local Law 97

Purpose: This regulation mandates how building owners in New York City should report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to help reduce the city’s overall emissions and combat climate change.

Key Terms

Beneficial Electrification: Using energy-efficient electric systems to replace fossil fuels.

Campus Energy Resource: Energy generated centrally and distributed to multiple buildings in a campus setting.

Emissions Factor: A value representing the building's emissions per square foot.

Energy Audit: A detailed examination of a building's energy use to improve efficiency.

Reporting Requirements

Timeline: Reports are due annually by May 1, starting in 2025.

Tool: Reports must be submitted using a specific tool provided by the Department.

Documentation: Owners must keep all records used in preparing the report for six years.

Special Cases

Condominium Buildings: Emissions must be reported as a single entity.

New Buildings: Reporting starts the year after they receive their Certificate of Occupancy.

Change in Ownership: New owners aren’t required to report for the year they acquire the building.

Emissions Factors

Different property types have specific emissions factors that determine their GHG limits. For example, a hospital has a higher emissions factor than a retail store due to its higher energy use.


Single Occupancy Group: Multiply the building’s square footage by its specific emissions factor.

Multiple Occupancy Groups: Sum the products of each group's square footage and its emissions factor.

Greenhouse Gas Coefficients

These coefficients are used to calculate emissions based on the type of fuel or energy source used.

Adjustments and Deductions

Adjustments: Owners can request adjustments to their emissions limits under certain conditions.

Deductions: Deductions can be made for renewable energy credits or energy storage systems.


The goal is to reduce GHG emissions from buildings, which are a significant source of the city’s total emissions. By adhering to these regulations, building owners contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable city.

Download the Actual Document

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Emissions Factors

2024 – 2029 Emissions Factor in tCO2e per sf

ESPM Property Type2024 – 2029 Emissions Factor in tCO2e per sf
Adult Education0.00758
Ambulatory Surgical Center0.01181
Automobile Dealership0.00675
Bank Branch0.00987
Bowling Alley0.00574
Convenience Store without Gas Station0.00675
Data Center0.02381
Distribution Center0.00574
Enclosed Mall0.01074
Financial Office0.00846
Fitness Center/Health Club/Gym0.00987
Food Sales0.01181
Food Service0.01181
Hospital (General Medical & Surgical)0.02381
K-12 School0.00675
Lifestyle Center0.00846
Mailing Center/Post Office0.00426
Manufacturing/Industrial Plant0.00758
Medical Office0.01074
Movie Theater0.01181
Multifamily Housing0.00675
Non-Refrigerated Warehouse0.00426
Other - Education0.00846
Other - Entertainment/Public Assembly0.00987
Other - Lodging/Residential0.00758
Other - Mall0.01074
Other - Public Services0.00758
Other - Recreation0.00987
Other - Restaurant/Bar0.02381
Other - Services0.01074
Other - Specialty Hospital0.02381
Other - Technology/Science0.02381
Outpatient Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy0.01181
Performing Arts0.00846
Personal Services (Health/Beauty, Dry Cleaning, etc.)0.00574
Refrigerated Warehouse0.00987
Repair Services (Vehicle, Shoe, Locksmith, etc.)0.00426
Residence Hall/Dormitory0.00758
Residential Care Facility0.01138
Retail Store0.00758
Self-Storage Facility0.00426
Senior Care Community0.01138
Social/Meeting Hall0.00987
Strip Mall0.01181
Supermarket/Grocery Store0.02381
Transportation Terminal/Station0.00426
Urgent Care/Clinic/Other Outpatient0.01181
Vocational School0.00574
Wholesale Club/Supercenter0.01138
Worship Facility0.00574

2030 – 2034 Emissions Factor in tCO2e per sf

ESPM Property Type2030 – 2034 Emissions Factor in tCO2e per sf
Adult Education0.003565528
Ambulatory Surgical Center0.008980612
Automobile Dealership0.002824097
Bank Branch0.004036172
Bowling Alley0.003103815
Convenience Store without Gas Station0.003540032
Data Center0.014791131
Distribution Center0.000991600
Enclosed Mall0.003983803
Financial Office0.003697004
Fitness Center/Health Club/Gym0.003946728
Food Sales0.005208880
Food Service0.007749414
Hospital (General Medical & Surgical)0.007335204
K-12 School0.002230588
Lifestyle Center0.004705850
Mailing Center/Post Office0.001980440
Manufacturing/Industrial Plant0.001417030
Medical Office0.002912778
Movie Theater0.005395268
Multifamily Housing0.003346640
Non-Refrigerated Warehouse0.000883187
Other - Education0.002934006
Other - Entertainment/Public Assembly0.002956738
Other - Lodging/Residential0.001901982
Other - Mall0.001928226
Other - Public Services0.003808033
Other - Recreation0.004479570
Other - Restaurant/Bar0.008505075
Other - Services0.001823381
Other - Specialty Hospital0.006321819
Other - Technology/Science0.010446456
Outpatient Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy0.006018323
Performing Arts0.002472539
Personal Services (Health/Beauty, Dry Cleaning, etc.)0.004843037
Refrigerated Warehouse0.002852131
Repair Services (Vehicle, Shoe, Locksmith, etc.)0.002210699
Residence Hall/Dormitory0.002464089
Residential Care Facility0.004893124
Retail Store0.002104490
Self-Storage Facility0.000611830
Senior Care Community0.004410123
Social/Meeting Hall0.003833108
Strip Mall0.001361842
Supermarket/Grocery Store0.006755190
Transportation Terminal/Station0.000571669
Urgent Care/Clinic/Other Outpatient0.005772375
Vocational School0.004613122
Wholesale Club/Supercenter0.004264962
Worship Facility0.001230602

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