ConEd is CANCELLING their lighting incentive program
Published on: June 9, 2024

IMPORTANT - ConEd has Cancelled their Lighting Incentive Program

We successfully requested an extension. Con Ed stated that all lighting projects must be filed by 12/31/2024 for custom rebates. Please contact us soon so we can prepare an application and get your project into the funding queue before it’s too late.


The NYCDoB may start levying fines starting in 2025 for buildings that do not comply with LOCAL LAW 88.  

The Con Edison lighting incentive program may cover up to 50% or more of of your project costs.  Costs include both lighting and lighting controls upgrades. However, after 12/31/2024, those funds will no longer be available. Buildings will then have to bear the full cost of compliance.

Local Law 88 requires all buildings to upgrade their lighting system to the 2020 NY Energy Efficiency Code.

The 2020 Code has requirements that not only include lighting, but also LIGHTING CONTROLS.  Do not undersestimate the scope of work to comply and AVOID FINES.

New York City has started an energy efficiency initiative. Media outlets across the country are covering this effort. NYC has enacted several local laws. These laws aim to transform how businesses use energy.

Local Law 133

Similarly to the restaurant law, buildings will get letter grades showcasing their energy efficiency, or inefficiency of their buildings

Local 84

Another reporting law, buildings will be responsible to report their energy efficiency ratings to the NYC govt.

Local Law 87

Buildings are required to undergo an energy efficiency and retrocomissioning study. Failure to comply starts at $1,500 per year.

Local Law 88 Submetering

This law requires landlords to submeter spaces over 2,500 SF. Tenants must receive either an invoice, a usage report, or both.

Local Law 88 - Lighting

Covered Building Owners must upgrade their lighting AND lighting controls to the 2020 Energy Code.

Local Law 97

This is the grand daddy of all energy efficiency compliance programs. Covered building owners are assigned a limiting carbon footprint. Violators will pay $268/SF x the excess emissions limit.

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