Check Energy Prices Online without a broker
Published on: July 30, 2018

We made it easier to check Energy Prices for small businesses

We have set up a self-serve website at that allows businesses to check energy prices online without having to call a broker. Energy Suppliers post daily prices into our database each morning so data is refreshed daily. Users can check prices and enroll in a program when a buying opportunity exists without having to contact a broker.

Why did we do this?

LC Associates is a full service energy consulting firm that has saved our Clients millions of dollars in avoided energy costs for over 18 years.  Our Clients have indicated that they receive up to 8 calls every day from energy brokers looking to service their electric contract.  Saving money on electricity can be a full time job.  However many small business owners just do not have the time to constantly check energy prices for buying opportunities.  To enhance our Customers’ experience as they journey through the energy procurement process, we have developed an online Energy Price checker web application.  Businesses can visit the website ( , input some basic information into the online tool and receive an email with energy prices for various terms.  If a buying opportunity exists, business owners can make a selection.  Once a selection is made, the Energy Price checker emails an enrollment form via DocuSign to the Business Owner.

We invite businesses to try out the platform and would appreciate any feedback regarding your experience with it.

How does the self-service electric pricing work?

Energy Price Calculator Link

Step 1. Enter your information and an email will be sent to you with results that you can select from.Step 2. We will send you an enrollment form via DocuSign which you can sign digitally or print sign and email back to us.Step 3. Once enrolled you will receive confirmation and protect your business from volatility in the marketplace.Step 4. Six months before your contract ends we will send a reminder to start checking prices again.

The platform integrates with SF Energy’s pricing database which is updated daily. We are currently in the process of adding Direct Energy and Constellation Energy, and several others to the mix. We invite the LandlordsNY community to visit the platform and provide us feedback on your experience with the service.

About LC Associates

LC Associates is an 18 year old company headquartered in New York City.  We have been providing contingency based energy consulting services to a diverse Cient base ranging from small to medium sized businesses, to large national enterprises.  Check out our other services by following this link.

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