ConEdison DMP Program Ends Nov 2019
Published on: April 9, 2019

ConEdison Incdentives

ConEdison has signaled that the Demand Management Program (DMP) Ends in 2019

The demand management program that has been fueling demand management projects in New York City is rapidly coming to an end.  Due to program requirements, all projects must be completed by November 2019 or in some cases earlier or any funds that Customers are expecting may be forfeited.  You can learn about the program in detail from our dedicated DMP Page by following this link.

Most noteworthy, ConEdison has indicated however that they will keep their commercial & industrial programs (C&I) however they are not committing to the projected funding levels or incentive rates.

Here are example of some DMP Projects that we have successfully completed.

Building Automation Systems.  Controls contractors typically install BMS systems without an Automated Demand Response (ADR) feature.  As a result, a project may not qualify for an incentive.  Consequently, this custom configured feature in your BMS system could results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in incentives.  A BMS system that can curtail 100 kW for 4 hours may qualify for over $100,000 in cash incentives. Therefore it makes sense to offset your BMS project costs with an ADR feature.


Worthington Small

Modernize your Steam Chiller.  This is another great DMP project for Customers with steam chillers. ConEd relies on Steam Chillers to keep electric demand at bay.  ConEd supplies steam to Customers who use it to power steam chillers.  The steam is a by-product of making electricity. Customers that use steam support the power plant and remove stress on the electric grid. ConEdison will pay for controls to help keep your chiller in tip top shape for summer cooling season.


Here are some tips to help you see your project through.

Engage LC Associates early.

We can’t stress how many times Customers call us after the work has started, or has embarked on a change-order that would increase the incentive amount.  ConEd has a bureaucratic but thorough process they require to participate in the cash incentive programs.  The entire process is laid out in our Secrets of ConEdison blog and can be found by following this link.

Active Engagement with Project Team

Constant contact with our engineers and support staff is key to making sure your incentive application goes smoothly.  Here are some examples where we have had successful projects complete to fruition

  • Job Construction Meetings – These meetings are key events.  During these meetings representatives of the tradespeople, architects, engineers and Owners come together to discuss projects from concept to completion.
  • Drop Boxes – Excellent method of sharing files and documents that are necessary for securing your cash incentive from ConEdison
  • SharePoint Sites – similar to Drop Box and allows richer features such as notes, conversations and instant messages

Above all, keep Working Papers Handy and Ready.

Did we mention that incentives is a bureaucratic process?  Here is a list of the key documents ConEdison requires Customers to apply for and secure cash incentive.

  • Engineering specifications on major equipment.  Our Company completes a detailed energy audit prior to filing an incentive application with ConEdison.  This document lists acceptable equipment that will qualify for a cash incentive.  We select this equipment specifically for your project.  It is important to note that this equipment typically exceeds the current NYC Energy Code.
  • Invoices.   Invoices are key items that are used to document project expenses.  These documents should be detailed and cover all soft and hard costs associated with your project.  Having a vendor put “Energy Project” without any detail on their invoice will not fly with ConEdison.
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