NYS Commercial Tenants may qualify for free Energy Efficiency Studies
Published on: September 28, 2019

LC Associates secures free energy studies from NYSERDA.  Additionally we secure ConEd incentives to offset tenant-buildouts.

LC Associates has been securing NYSERDA and ConEdison cash incentives for years to commercial building owners.  Building owners use the cash incentives to help pay for energy efficiency projects.  Typically, Tenants overlook energy efficiency in their Commercial Tenant Spaces during their design or fit-out.  Consequently, landlords typically apply for energy incentives for common-area energy efficiency projects only. Conversely, landlords typically leave the tenant space fit-out up to the tenant.


Energy Efficient Space Design

Most noteworthy, when Tenants secure a lease they typically have 12 weeks to completely fit-out their space and move in.  Consequently, tenants hire an architect to draw up plans for their new space in a hurry.  At a minimum, the plans must be in compliance with the New York City Energy Code.  As of the date of this article, the the building code defers to ASHRAE 90.1 2013.

Also as of the date of this article, there is an employment shortage.  Businesses are competing for employees who are looking for more than just a good paying and interesting job.  Modern day employees are looking for amenities that give them a less stressful work environment that boosts productivity.

How LC Associates utilizes the NYSERDA Commercial-Tenant Program to Identify Energy and Sustainability Solutions.


Plug Load Management Designed into Modular Office Equipment

For the reason that most Commercial Tenants are not in the energy efficiency business, they may overlook energy efficiency to meet deadlines.  Consequently when a Commercial Tenant leases a space, the Tenant’s main focus is to get the space renovated and fitted with lighting, HVAC, and work spaces.  Even more, Architects and design engineers typically are paid a flat fee for their design of a space.  A competitively bid flat fee does not leave room for a deep dive into energy efficiency and sustainability designs.  Consequently we have been providing Landlord’s a free “energy efficiency study” of their commercial spaces. Prospective or current Tenants and their architects can reference these building specific energy packages.  Alternatively, Tenants can opt to have LC Associates develop a custom energy efficiency study.  NYSERDA will pay 100% of this study.  Here are some of the energy efficient and sustainable designs we will evaluate:

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting – 20% cheaper than traditional lighting. Includes AI Technology and Circadian rhythm controls and results in a Digital Ceiling
Energy Management System for Your Commercial SpaceEnergy Management Systems – Select a standalone system or extend your PoE Lighting System to include HVAC Controls, Curtain acuators, smart phone controls and more.
Plug Load Management Systems – Phantom Loads like PC monitors and copy machines slowly drain your energy budget when your employees are not present.  Automate outlets to power down during off hours.
Window Films for Energy EfficiencyOther Custom Systems – We can look at any other energy efficient system for your space from on-demand water heaters to insulation, to thermal and battery storage.

Commercial Tenants will be able to compare a code compliant design with a more energy efficient design of their space.  The energy efficient design will lower operating cost and improve employee productivity.

How LC Associates utilizes the ConEdison C&I Program to help offset Tenant Fit-Out costs.

ConEdison has made it easier for us to secure cash incentives to offset Tenant fit-0ut costs for energy efficiency and sustainability.  There is a process involved which you can read about by clicking here. We have been successful in securing cash incentives to offset the following systems:

We have secured Cash Incentives for these types of Commercial Tenant Systems and more.
LED LightingPoE Systems*Replacing older AC units
HVAC Controls*Variable Speed Drives*Domestic Hot Water Systems

*These systems may qualify for a bonus incentive.  Business owners must enroll in a NYISO DR Program to qualify – see our article on this by clicking here.

In conclusion – Commercial Tenants may qualify for a FREE Energy Study and cash incentives for their space renovations or fit-0uts.  Learning more is easy, please give us a call as 212.579.4236 or send us an email at info@cutone.org.


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About LC Associates

ConEdison Incentive ProgramsOur Company is a 20 person firm which started with humble beginnings back in 2002.  It’s founder has worked for one of the top engineering design firms, Vanderweil Engineers for 10 years.  At the time, businesses would contact engineering design firms to chase down cash incentives.  Design firms were great at designing energy efficient solutions for buildings. However the nuances of securing the energy incentive itself is a niche market requiring specialized skills.  The need for an energy consultant to complement engineering design firms manifested itself, and LC Associates was founded.

For the past 18 or so years, our Firm has perfected energy consulting.  With over $150M in filed incentive applications, LC Associates is at the top of its game.   New York businesses view LC Associates as the VIP market participant when it comes to energy consulting services.  Some of New York’s most iconic institutions and Fortune 100 enterprises, employ LC Associates.  These businesses view our Firm as their trusted energy consultant and adviser.  A significant part of our business also comes from small and medium sized businesses.  Our expertise spans commercial real estate, multifamily housing, institutional and industrial markets.  Give us a call! 212.579.4236

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