Demand Response Programs
Published on: September 3, 2018

LC Associates is a registered NYISO Curtailment Service Provider or (CSP). LC Associates is the only CSP that is able to bundle energy efficiency and demand response into a single package that will maximize cash incentives from utility companies such as ConEdison.

Our Clients leverage our 30 years of experience in developing Automated Demand Response (ADR) solutions using existing infrastructure without adversely affecting occupants.  By using LC Associates as your Energy Consultant, Building Owners can be sure to maximize their cash incentive in addition to their residual payments.

How Does Demand Response Work?

Building Owners participate in ADR programs by pledging to curtail kW demand during pre-planned intervals.  The NYISO for example will ask Building Owners to curtail between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm on a Tuesday and notice is typically given 21 hours prior to the event date and time.  During the curtailment interval, Building Owners will implement their automated demand response protocol.  Building Owners get paid even if they are not called to curtail!

Why participate?  By participating in a Demand Response program, your building contributes to reducing stress on the electric grid and mitigating brown or blackouts and keeps downward pressure on electric prices. And you get paid for your participation

Why use LC Associates?  The NYISO for example pays approximately $90/kW for participating in their Demand Response program while ConEdison will pay in upwards of $1,200/kW to offset the project cost of implementing an ADR project for particpating in the NYISO program!

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