Upgrade Perimeter FCU’s with EC Motors – get cash
Published on: November 13, 2018

ConEd EC MotorsWe just secured over $275,000 for one of our Customers…

…to Upgrade from these old perimeter Fan Coil systems.


To these…

Carrier fan coil unit with EC Motor

Aside from the fact that, lets face it, the existing units were way…. past their useful life, Customers can request manufacturers to fit the new units with EC Motors and integrated temperature controls.

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What are EC Motors?

EC Motors, or sometimes called Permanent Magnet, or PM motors, use a permanent magnet to create an magnetic field.  The older motors, sometimes called “squirrel cage” motors, use electricity to create a magnetic field.  The magnetic field is necessary for the proper operation of the motor.  Since the EC motor does not have to create a magnetic field, it operates with less electric energy, and is more efficient.

FCU's without EC Motors

Improved Motor Efficiency

The small motors on a Fan Coil Unit (FCU) are typically less than one horsepower.  Industry folk sometimes refer to these smaller motors as fractional motors.  Fractional motors have motor efficiencies of around 40% on a good day.  EC Motors by comparison have an 85% motor efficiency throughout the entire loading curve of the motor.  This constant relatively high motor efficiency improvement drives the energy savings.

Integrated Speed Control – more energy savings!

The original FCU’s had only manual controls and the tenants would conveniently leave the equipment running 24 x7.  What was interesting about this project is that the EC Motors require a mini VFD to operate.  The manufacturer, Carrier, also integrated the EC Motors with a thermostat in each FCU.  We installed meters on the original equipment and the new equipment and noticed that the new FCU’s would respond to the tenant’s space, while the original one would just maintain a constant airflow setting, unchecked by temperature setpoint.

FCU's with EC Motors



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There is a great video on how EC Motor work if you are interested in viewing….

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How to get your cash incentive?

Engage our Company sooner rather than later.  If the old FCU’s are removed from service before applications and inspections are done, then unfortunately the incentives are forfeited.  The process to secure for and file a cash incentive can be found on one of our blogs by clicking here.

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