Case Study – LC Associates reduces energy costs for local restaurant by 62%
Published on: October 20, 2023

In the bustling heart of New York City, where every square foot of space is invaluable, a commercial restaurant was struggling with soaring energy costs. The owners, faced with the daunting challenge of balancing the comfort of their Customer and operational costs, turned to LC Associates, a leading energy solutions provider. 

What followed was a remarkable journey toward sustainability and significant savings, showcasing the power of innovative energy efficiency measures.


Project Overview

Property: 4,000 SF Restaurant – New York City

Previous Monthly Utility Costs: $7,000 (Electricity and Gas)


Energy Efficiency Measures Implemented

Clean Heat PUmps

Upgrading Walkin Coolers

LC Associates initiated the transformation by upgrading the existing walk-in coolers. Out went the old, once-through water cooled, energy-guzzling systems, replaced by state-of-the-art remote condensing systems located outside the building. The original system rejected heat directly into the kitchen. The previous Owner installed a 3 ton air conditioning unit just to remove this heat load from the space.

Upgrade Dishwashers to Ultrasonic Models

Traditional commercial dishwashers are notorious energy hogs. LC Associates switched these out for ultrasonic models, a leap in efficiency. This change not only saved precious energy but also amounted to substantial savings, cutting down costs by over $11,000 per year per machine in both energy and chemical expenses.

Upgrading Lighting Systems

One of the simplest yet most impactful changes was the upgrade of lighting systems to energy-efficient LED technology. This not only enhanced the visibility and ambiance within the property but also significantly reduced electricity consumption, leading to noticeable savings on the monthly bills.

Converting Natural Gas Boiler to Clean Heat Pumps

To further reduce reliance on traditional energy sources, LC Associates replaced the old natural gas boiler with a modern, clean heat pump system. This eco-friendly solution not only minimized the property's carbon footprint but also resulted in substantial savings on gas bills.

Significant Energy Savings

Following the implementation of these energy efficiency measures:

Electricity and Natural Costs: Decreased from $7,000 to approximately $1,500 per month.

LC Associates also secured over $35,000 in cash incentivfes from ConEdison to offset the project costs.


The success of this project exemplifies the transformative impact of energy efficiency measures. LC Associates not only saved the property owners a significant amount of money but also contributed to the larger environmental cause by reducing the property's carbon emissions. This case study stands as a testament to the possibilities when innovative technology and strategic planning converge. In an era where sustainability and cost-efficiency are paramount, LC Associates' approach to energy management provides a beacon of hope for property owners looking to make a difference. This case study not only showcases the financial benefits of energy efficiency but also underscores the importance of adopting green solutions for a brighter, more

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