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Many of our Clients take advantage of our Real Time Energy Management System for Tenant Sub-Metering, Energy Procurement Services and Demand Response Management.

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LC Associates core business is to generate cash incentives to offset the cost of your energy efficiency project.

Value Added Services

Many of our Clients take advantage of our Real Time Energy Management System for Tenant Sub-Metering, Energy Procurement Services and Demand Response Management.

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Success Stories

Over the past 18 years, LC Associates has been very successful in helping New York City go green. Some of the city’s largest and most iconic institutions have been able to save thousands on utility bills. Discover how we were able to help our clients achieves these successes in the short stories below.

1411 Broadway
LC Associates designed an Automated Demand Response (ADR) system to shed 400 kW of demand without any adverse affects on Tenant comfort.  We helped secure funding under the ConEdison Demand Management Program.   ADR  
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
LED lighting upgrade in classrooms. LC Associates and Green Apple Lighting USA furnished and installed T8 LED tubes a this facility under the ARRA program and got 80% of the project paid for!
  • $350,000 in cash incentives
  • $350,000 in annual cost savings
  • 1.75M kWh annual energy savings
Carbon footprint reduction of 790 tons/year of CO2
Fordham University Law School
LED Lighting Upgrades.  Automated Demand Response.  Dormitory PTAC Units and more! Fordham approached ConEdison and Nyserda to seek cash incentives to offset their project costs for a new law school building.  LCA was engaged and overturned every stone to maximise Fordham's energy effciency incentives.  LCA was able to identify additional measures that if implemented would qualify Fordham to receive cash incentive bonuses under the pilot Demand Management Program. Highlights included the implementation of a pollution mitigation system that allows Fordham to dispatch a diesel generator to participate in a demand response program.  LCA also increased the cash incentive for a PTAC replacement on one of the dormitory floors by 500% by including an ADR system.


  • $700,000 in cash incentives
  • $700,000 in annual cost savings
  • 1.75M kWh annual energy savings
Carbon footprint reduction of 1300 tons/year of CO2
New York Design Center
This was a great LED Lighting project!  This forward thinking landlord updgraded all of his tenant spaces in addition to common areas with energy efficient LED Lighting saving over 300 kW annually!  LCA and Green Apple Energy furnished and installed community selected LED replacement fixtures and retrofit kits.


  • $249,277.88 in cash incentives
  • $283,498 in annual cost savings
  • 1,417.487 kWh annual energy savings
  • 1.27 years payback
Building Automation and HVAC Upgrades!  After realing the success of their lighting project, this building owner upgraded all of their HVAC units that were at or near the end of their useful lives to energy efficient VRV systems.  About 140 VFV systems were integrated into a building wide Energy Management system that implemented a demand limited and demand response protocol.  LCA developed a custom demand limiting and demand response protocol that was implemented by the building automation contractor.


  • 800 kW Demand Response and
  • 80 kW Permanent Demand Reduction!
  • ~$600,000 in cash incentives.
Trump Soho Hotel
Before the Trump Soho hotel was built their developers engaged LC Associates to identify any opportunities to offset project costs and identify energy efficiency opportunities. 

LCA identified two emergency generators that were possible candidates for an Automated Demand Response (ADR) application.  The two generators were upgraded to exceed EPA standards for environmental impact and fitted out to a building automation system and participated in a demand response program.  The ADR controls enable the generators to take power off the grid in times of stress and avoid the necessity of importing less environmentally friendly power from remote power plants.


  • 400 kW of demand Response
  • ~$80,000 cash incentive
New York Methodist Hospital

This Client was one of our first projects where we maxed out an incentive for a steam retention program at $500,000.   NYSERDA at the time (circa 2007) was so impressed that the reigning President of NYSERDA awarded LC Associates with the "Most Outstanding ESCo" award.

This project entailed the installation of two 400 ton steam absorber chillers in order to avoid the installation of two electric 400 ton machines.  The project allowed around 400 kW of electric demand to be removed from the electric grid permanently.
650 Fifth Avenue

One of the first Power over Ethernet Lighting projects we have helped secure incentives for in New York City. This project entailed the installation of a "digital ceiling" that included LED Light fixtures, sensors and actuators driven by a CISCO PoE switch. The customer wound up saving a significant amount of installation cost since conduit, armored cabling and electrical enclosures were displaced by lower cost cat5 ethernet cabling and a network PoE Switch.

  • $12,000 cash incentive
  • 35% installation cost savings
Proudly Serving Clients since 2002

In 2007 NYSERDA’s President awarded LC Associates the “Most Outstanding ESCo Award”. Since then we have grown into a 20 person Energy Consulting firm. We are truly committed to making our clients successful while making a positive impact on the environment.


Trinity Real Estate

Brooklyn Academy of Music

The Juilliard School

Fordham University

Roosevelt Hospital

Saint Lukes Hospital

The Ford Foundation

Cultural Arts Centre

New York Academy of Medicine

Mount Sinai Medical Center

New York Methodist Hospital

Beth Israel Medical Center

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

St. Josephs Hospital, Bronx

The Church of Rockville Center

St. Domenic’s Preparatory School

St. Mary’s Preparatory School

Iona College

Iona Prep

Mercy College

Kings College Hospital

Long Island Community Hospital

Cardozo Law School

New York Design Center

The United Nations

Cohen Brothers

Related Management

Bettina Equities

Normandy Properties

Stellar Management

McSam Hotels

Carrier Corporation

Johnson Controls

The Trane Corporation

JFK Hotel

Coop City

Boy Scouts

The Salvation Army

The Hilton Hotels

The Sheraton Hotels

Blackrock Capital

Bayrock Capital

Yeshiva University

RFR Real Estate

The Durst Organization

The Sapir Organization

Oxford Properties

Tishman Speyer

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