Energy Conservation Rebates and Incentives
Published on: September 4, 2018

Learn how LC Associates can secure cash incentives for your Energy Conservation Projects

Utility companies in your area may be required to invest into energy conservation projects.  This investment is required to delay having to build or deploy pollution causing energy plants. These investments come in the form or rebates or cash incentives.

LC Associates has filed for over $150M in cash incentives spanning our 18 year history
for Clients implementing energy conservation projects.

Typical projects fall into these categories 


Energy Conservation HVAC


Energy Conservation Elevators


Energy Conservation Pumps


Energy Conservation VFD

Building Management Systems

Energy Conservation - Building Automation System


Energy Conservation - Pumps


Energy Conservation Absorbers


Energy Conservation - Generators

LED Lighting

Energy Conservation LED Lighting

Our unique business model allows us to partner with our Clients. LC Associates helps to identify and develop energy conservation projects.  Energy Conservation Projects reduce operating costs, create jobs and result in a positive impact on the environment.

LC Associates works on a contingency business model.  Under this type of arrangement, LC Associates bears all f the up front costs associated with securing your cash incentive.  To secure your cash incentive, our Firm at a minimum must perform the following tasks:

  • Deploy field engineers and scope out your project
  • Install measurement and verification equipment
  • Prepare a detailed energy audit and description of your project
  • Arrange pre- and post- site inspections with your local utility company
  • Provide on-call engineering support during your implementation process

Our Firm is compensated only when your local utility company accepts your energy conservation project and disperses a cash incentive.  There is no risk of capital by our Clients for our services.



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