Energy Procurement using Online Reverse Auctions
Published on: September 4, 2018

Setting up an energy procurement strategy using an online reverse auction with LC Associates is the least expensive way to lower your electric bills.

The Energy Supply businesses is extremely competitive. There are so many factors and hidden fees and line-items that are typically not reported during a manual paper auction. Buyers that go at it alone with a paper auction with or without a broker, may think they have gotten the lowest rate however when they get their bill, they find out they are getting the worst possible terms and may be exposed financially.

LC Associates removes any ambiguities by setting up an RFP process customized to our Client’s needs and then inviting qualified suppliers to bid for the energy procurement contract through an online transparent reverse auction.

An Energy Procurement strategy using LC Associates’ reverse online auction platform brings up to 75 qualified energy suppliers to an online hyper-competitive bidding arena. The energy suppliers compete for your business resulting in razor thin margins for them and significant energy savings for you. Energy Procurement strategies using our Reverse Energy Auctions have been saving 7-8% over the lowest current market rates.

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Why use LC Associates?

Unlike traditional energy brokers, after your auction is completed and your energy savings are locked in, LC Associates is still there as a resource to identify ways to further reduce operating costs through energy efficiency and demand response measures.

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