GreenConnect: Real Time Energy Management
Published on: April 27, 2019

GreenConnect: Real Time Energy Management

Our Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) system, GreenConnect, encompasses over thirty years of energy consulting expertise.

GreenConnect uncovers deep energy savings.  We developed GreenConnect for the reason that human eyes, and expert minds, typically cannot observe Deep Energy Savings. 

Building Owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on installing building management systems.  While a BMS system works great at saving energy, over time energy performance drifts.  For the reason that accessing data is a chore requiring the expense of BMS contractor, routine deep energy analysis is rarely done. Buildings consequently wind up experiencing their energy performance trend downwards.

In contrast, GreenConnect leverages IoT technology to quickly integrate into a BMS system and mine data for opportunities. Energy efficiency is probably one of the best methods to reduce greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change.  Our Clients see themselves as stewards of the environment.  Consequently our Customers take energy efficiency and mitigation of green house gasses very seriously.  It seems like energy efficiency is the best path to take in reducing green house gasses because the by-product is most notably cost savings and productivity improvement.

We do not sell energy dashboards.

We generate reduced costs and revenue for your building.

Our analytics engine, GreenConnect takes thousands of data points from your BacNet compatible BMS system and mines it for deep energy savings.   Passionate Data Scientists then analyze your building’s massive data sets in record time to identify hidden inefficiencies.  Expert Energy Engineers then offer solutions to reduce costs or generate revenue.  In many cases we secure cash incentives from utility companies to offset implementation costs.

Our Customers can see an 8-15% increase in energy savings over traditional energy efficiency measures.We have secured over $150M dollars in cash incentives to offset project costs that generate over $500M in cost reductions year over year.

Leonardo Cutone, President, LC Associates

The Internet of Things (IoT)

GreenConnect leverages IoT Technology.  Most noteworthy, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has broken down barriers that once prohibited third parties from extracting data from building management systems.  With GreenConnect’s IoT technology, deploying data mining equipment integral to your BMS is now faster, cheaper and more efficient.  In many cases, we do not even need a controls contractor to provide programming or even access to the BMS. As we start collecting data, opportunities to reduce energy costs, mitigate green-house gasses and have a positive impact on the environment emerge.

Can we do Sub-Metering?

GreenConnect has a robust Commercial Tenant Sub-Metering Platform.  Our plug and play sub-metering hardware uses a neural network system that self-learns.  Deploying a robust sub-metering network in your building has never been easier.  We have converted hundreds of manual sub-metering systems to wireless solutions within a few days.

GreenConnect’s sub-metering package includes metering hardware, an analytics dashboard which can be shared with tenants for energy efficiency reporting.  Custom invoicing tailored to your Company’s look and feel.

Most notable is that NYC’s Local Law 88 requires that commercial tenant spaces be sub-metered by 2025.  

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